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Server-based tags serving for large codebases Clients in python and for emacs and vim


Gtags is a speed-up of TAGS/etags for large source bases. In particular, the TAGS file is loaded into memory by a server, which then provides a narrowed view of the TAGS file to a client, resulting in a certain amount of speed-up due to having a much narrowed view.

Gtags has 3 components, the indexing component (which depends on the etags program distributed by EMACS), the server (which loads the index into memory), and the client (which talks to the server via IP).

Gtags is distributed under the terms of the Apache Software Foundation License.

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The gtags server requires PCRE version 6.3 or better. As this version of PCRE is only available in source form at this time, we've made .rpm files available on a limited basis. For other architectures or package management systems, you can always download the latest source code from the PCRE project page.


Download gtags 0.1


  • Initial Launch, Jan 2006

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